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What We Do

The way we purchase our products at John’s Fresh Fish meets and exceeds HACCP standards.  

As each fish is laid out at the auction, the tail is cut and a core sample is taken so that we can inspect the quality and grading before purchasing. Hand-selecting our purchases is very important. We buy each fish individually, following the specific requests and requirements of our customers for color, oil content, grading and pricing.

Once purchased at the auction, we prepare and package the fish on-site at the temperature-controlled facility and the product does not leave the premises until properly packaged with gel ice packs, insulated liners and carefully sealed into waxed, corrugated boxes. 

The boxes are then transported to the airport in a refrigerated truck. The container is always requested to be chilled at the airport while awaiting its flight, and also upon arrival at its destination.

Our customers’ satisfaction is most important. We consider our relationships with our customers to be long-term, as if we are an extension of your own company here in Hawaii.