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Who We are

John’s Fresh Fish specializes in the exportation of high-quality fresh yellowfin and bigeye tuna, but offer all available species of Hawaiian seafood as well. We purchase our fish from the live daily auction, ensuring the utmost freshness and highest HACCP standards. 

High-quality Hawaiian tuna is hard to beat worldwide, and a large amount is consumed through the local markets of the Hawaiian islands. Therefore, competitive pricing fluctuates throughout the year, depending on supply, holiday seasons, and quality of the available fish, but one thing remains constant...our loyalty to providing our customers with the products they need, at the standards they require.

We take pride in our ability to select high quality tuna and export it to our customers using the most economic pricing plan of all of our competitors. The best quality, at the lowest prices...that’s how John’s Fresh Fish began, and that’s the standard we will always strive to maintain.